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Is fibromyalgia really the cause for the severe chronic pain I have in the front of my thighs? Or could it be somethimg else.

Posted by beownsuag70

I was diagnosed with  fibromyalgia in 2006. Since then I have suffered from chronic pain. I have severe chronic pain in the front of my thighs. I have had to use a walker, cane to help get around. I don't rely on those these days, however I have pain in my thighs everytime I try to stand up to walk.  I've fallen severel times. This has made me really depressed because everything I've tried for the pain hasn't worked. I beginning to wonder if there might be something else wrong. Please let me know what you think.
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Most likely you have pain in your thighs because you use these muscles to stand and walk. Many people with fibromyalgia have difficulty with their muscles recovering from even the smallest amount of exertion. This is most likely because the regulation of many things that are necessary for the body to function optimally is set low. There are some cutting edge therapies that can help this specifically whole body cryotherapy. For more information read my posts "Whole Body Cryotherapy" and "Fibromyalgia - a Syndrome of Variations".



I thought you would like to know that you are not alone with having severe thigh pain. I suffer with it as well. It's very bothersome, isn't it? I think of it as if I have completed a marathon, and these pains are the after effects. The marathon may have just been a walk up the stairs, or a walk around the shops, but it's still a marathon to me.

Have you tried any gentle stretches to your daily routine? They may help- but please be VERY gentle. 

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