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Infomercial junkies

Posted Oct 02 2008 4:19pm
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My children are infomercial junkies. On Thursday, Mr. Snugglebunny informed me that I shouldn't put the spaghetti in a Tupperware container because "It's a container and it traps the gases that spoil the food."

What?!?!?!???? Yes, 5-year-old Mr. Snugglebunny quoted the Debbie Meyer Green Bags infomercial to me and informed me that I would be wasting the spaghetti if I stored it in a container.

Mr. Skinny has practically harrassed me to buy the Peticure thing-a-ma-jig to cut Gizmo's toenails. Gizmo is our little dog - supposedly full Chihuahua but he may have some terrier in him. Mr. Snugglebunny jumped on the bandwagon and told us that using regular nail clippers "crushes the nail, injuring the nerve and leaving jagged edges." Mr. Bubba's jaw dropped to the floor.

My children have a knack for catching the infomercials and believing everything they claim. Mr. Skinny used to write down 800 numbers on pieces of paper whenever he saw an infomercial for something he wanted. Luckily he never called one. Now Mr. Snugglebunny quotes their sales pitches to us.

Good thing we kept them away from the demonstrations at the county fair!

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