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Identity Crisis

Posted Oct 02 2008 4:19pm
If you've been reading my blog for a long time (all less than 5 of you, just 1, and only because you had me e-mail the posts to you...oh ok) and not like I've been blogging very long - about 4 months, if that. Oh yeah, the point - you will have noticed that I've gone through an identity crisis. Various names for the blog... All About Me, The Inner Workings of My Brain, back to All About Me, and now I think I've finally finalized the final title. Living La Vida Normal.

I figured that much of what I'm writing about or planning to write about is how our hectic, chaotic lifestyle is normal... at least normal according to us. This is our life. This is what normal is to us. If it's not normal for others, well then we just have a different definition of normal. So go ahead and define your version of normal, I'll just continue living mine, with my family.

Now that I've resolved my identity crisis (for the moment), I hope you enjoy what you read.

From the home of Mr. Bubba, Mr. Skinny, Mr. Snugglebunny and your hostess - Mrs. Bubba
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