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Posted Jun 18 2010 8:57am

I am still dealing with the root canal 
from the Memorial Day filling loss.
Now, I have to go again today.
This is not good.

Yesterday, I finally finished the last stage of the root canal on my tooth. I can honestly say that going to the dentist AF (after Fibromyalgia) as opposed to BF (before Fibromyalgia) is a WHOLE different animal.

Talk about amplified pain.

I've never been in love with dentists but I went and got my teeth cleaned and did what I had to do. I've had fillings and gone the novacaine route; again, no big deal. I thought I was going to come out of the chair yesterday. I can really feel the difference in my response to pain. 

To top this all off, I lost ANOTHER crown on the other side. She looked at it and there was a cavity underneath the crown and it was a cavity that HAD to have been there when the last clown put the crown on the tooth. I went to a new dentist because he was right around the corner.

Big mistake.

The guy seemed nice. Lot's of credentials on the wall and the guy played Pink Floyd in the office.  It really was kind of a cool place. Looking back, he must have been on drugs. How the hell do you put a crown over a cavity?  Now, I have to have another root canal on the other side! Do you believe this?

To top it all of this is bringing on a real   doozy of a flare. I can feel it coming. I've got to be there at 10:00 and I'm hurting. I'm going to take a pain pill and half a muscle relaxer because I don't think I can sit in that chair for an hour without jumping. Plus the needles, plus the drilling, plus, plus, plus.

This is not good.

Have the ice packs ready.
I'm going to need them and a margarita.

Forget the ice packs.
Keep the margarita's coming.

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