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I have fibro, but lately am having left arm and left breast and rib cage pain. Is the pain related to fibro

Posted by jeanne

I have fibro, but lately am having left arm and left breast and rib cage pain.  Is the pain related to fibro
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Yes, it is.  You have muscle knots tightening and pulling the muscles in these areas. Unfortunately, the road to "fibromyalgia" began a long time ago and our muscles have been pulling back and forth, tightening, and developing muscle knots in cycles throughout our bodies long before we experienced those occassional backaches.

Can you remember when you first experienced Runner's Stitch? (that cramp you get in your side whenever you would walk fast).  If I am not mistaken, it is the quadratus lumborum muscle which attaches to the spine by 4 tiny tendons.

Do you remember when your forearm first ached.   I do.  I was 12 years old and sitting at my desk, in Grade 7.  It was the kind of ache that you just couldn't ignore.  So I rubbed my arm, but it didnt seem to help. I rubbed it harder and eventually had to hit the muscle repeatedly to get relief.  It stopped aching a few days later, just as mysteriously as it began. At this point in time, I already had Runner's Stitch and Irritable Bowl Syndrome.  In order for the muscles in the forearm to be pulled tight, the muscles in the torso have to be in distress.

When people say that "the pain moves"  what is actually happening is our condition is getting worse.





I find the above statement that which breeds hopelessness. I do agree with the first paragraph though. Pain moving is part of the whole process but that does not mean FMS is getting worse! Check out my website
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