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I have constant "tingling" on right side of my scalp. I have seen several neurologists and they cant seem to figure it out?

Posted by Janet

I have had this problem for several years now and it is very frustrating. I have eliminated all caffenine and have not changed hair products. They have had me on several medications and have had steriods injected into the scalp. No help. They seem to be treating it now as fibromayalgia. Don't think that is the problem. Any ideas?
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If you haven't changed your hair products, that might actually be a reasonable next step to determine if you've developed a sensitivity to an ingredient.  The larger problem is that manufacturers put in many, many chemicals, most of which are indistinguishable to you & me, yet can cause isolated allergic reactions in some.  So in reality, I wonder how you'd feel if you stopped using any hair products altogether for at least several weeks.  Yes, I know, the thought of not washing your hair w/shampoo doesn't sit well.  But try to go as long as you can tolerate and see how your skin feels.  


Barring any improvement, you might ask to have your vitamin levels checked.  Make sure you don't have diabetes.  The peripheral neuropathy associated with vitamin deficiencies & diabetes is typically in the extremities but you never know . . . Have you had chickenpox before?  Perhaps you've since had shingles (zoster) and are now suffering from post-herpetic neuralgia?  


Good luck! 

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