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I am only 25 and my body hurts allover could I have fibromyalgia?

Posted by Joy

I recently found mold in my home and it seems to be in my home very oftern.  I have been told I have asthma, alergies, and have many of the symptoms of Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis and fibromyalgia.  This includes constant brownish mucus plugs, chest pain, fatigue, and sore bones.  Any suggestions on how to get help?  I have read that mold exposure can cause fibromyalgia.  How is dignosed?  Thus far doctors have done nouthing to cure the issue. 
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Hi Joy,

First of all, I hope that you are out of the situation where you have the mold. Do whatever it takes, sleep in a tent on the lawn and cook over a campfire if you must- but GET OUT of there.

Second, you must immediately go on a candida diet. No processed foods, no sugars OF ANY KIND- not even natural sugars like fruits and honey. Find and take some HIGH QUALITY probiotics and take them. Make your own sauerkraut and eat it every day. 


If you think that you might have a bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, you MUST get your doctor to give you an infectious disease consult- demand it. Whatever you have, you need to get the docs to get on top of it- and YOU need to take responsibility to help to resolve it through air filters, diet, getting out of the situation, etc.


You should also get a Vitamin D Level drawn while you are seeing all of these docs. Even MILD Vitamin D Deficiency can cause muscle pain and soreness- and Vitamin D sufficiency is a great help to the immune system as well and can help you fight off whatever it is that you have.


Getting out in the sun FREQUENTLY for as long as possible is a great way to help to clear up lung infections as well.


Kerri Knox, RN

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Wow. You sound scarily like me! I don't know how long ago you posted this, but perhaps we can be in this together! My personal battle started in September 2007 (at age 24), when we moved. The day before we started painting, I became very ill. My temp spiked to 105 that weekend and stayed there 2 days. It did not go under 101 for a full week. I had headaches, dizziness, vertigo, extreme fatigue, light sensitivity, neck pain/stiffness. The problems started on a Friday, and by the time I went in to the doc on that Monday, the temp was down to about 102. The doc could not come up with anything. None of my tests were abnormal. After countless blood studies and a CT, I was told, "Perhaps it was a virus, and we don't think you are getting well because we think you have depression. There is nothing wrong with you; it's all in your head - take some Prozac." I was not convinced depression would START with a fever, so I sought out a new doc, who ran further testing and concluded he thought I'd had encephalitis/meningitis, along with rubella, CMV, mono, and "extremely high levels of herpes in the system" (I frequently have gotten massive outbreaks of cold sores on my face throughout life). He did not believe any of it was serious however, and advised I "have a nice weekend."

I then spoke with our children's pediatrician, who suggested further evaluation by an internal medicinist. This doc has been a dream! It has been more than a year since I started seeing him, but he has been able to alleviate some of my symptoms through medication. He does not believe we completely have solved my puzzle, however, and continues to seek out further answers and the least-invasive, least-expensive, least-medicated routes of treatment. He even has told me to "seek out whatever alternative medicine you want. Just be sure to let me know how it is going. I am willing to make whatever referrals you think might help."

I saw a neurologist in September 2008 (a year after the initial illness, which I believe had nothing to do with the house, but everything to do with the fact that my immune system is all but dead). She diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

In December 2008, my chiropractor referred me to a colleague of hers, who does blood allergy testing. It turns out I am allergic to dairy, gluten, apples, peanuts, cashews, yeast, tuna, swordfish, lobster, garlic, onions, mushrooms, and several other items - many of which I am learning are on the "Mold Diet," which I found on (a site the pediatrician says is very credible).

I continue to develop new symptoms as I go, including dizziness, confusion, memory loss, tremors, tingling, stiff/painful joints (especially in AM or after sitting), feelings as if I am stepping onto the end of a sharp knife in the AM, edema, weight gain, decreased gripping strength, hot flashes, heart palpitations, blurred/double vision, muscle spasms, fatigue, headaches, hypertension (which was corrected by meds, leading to hypotension. Currently am fairly stable), shortness of breath, decreased physical stamina, hypoglycemia (undiagnosed but suspected, as evidenced by occasional low readings), brain fog, and an apparent decreased immunity (I've never been so frequently acutely ill in my life!). I will at times have chest pain/pressure which runs down the left arm and up the neck, mimicking what I believe a heart attack would feel like. I constantly can feel mucus in the back of my throat, and often will cough up yellow/brown "crud." On at least one occasion, this "crud," which probably is the "plug," was blood-tinged.

In the last 16 months or so, I have had an MRI, EKG and EEG studies, all of which apparently are normal. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, IBS, and acid reflux.

My doc recently recommended a mold test in our house (this was the first time I revealed to him, by the way, that we've had ongoing septic backup and other water problems in the house since December 2007, as my husband was very reluctant to admit his family's house could possibly be the problem, so I just went along with the idea...). It turns out we have 2,200 aspergillus spores/m3 in our basement, and 900 in our main living area. The experts at the lab that read the test told me the levels aren't THAT concerning until you look at the fact that there is NO aspergillus outside our house, and we are having health issues. Not only is this 2-year-old was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disorder (AKA insurance-friendly asthma), with no family history. The doctors believe she may have this as a result of aspergillus allergy, and they are thinking I am experiencing aspergillosis, possibly combined with the allergy.

Right now, we are bunking up with family as the internal medicinist researches exactly how to go about helping us. We currently are fighting all types of infections, of which none appear to be "viral" or "bacterial," so the Peds said it is highly possible it could be related to fungus. My doc thinks I have a combination of mycoplasma and pneumonia, and my daughters are going back and forth between vomiting, diarrhea, and mycoplasma.

We also are working on getting the septic tank and other leaky areas of the house repaired, mold removed, and the entire house bleached/sanitized, including carpets and duct work.

SO, I just happened upon this website, and this actually is the first page I have seen, but if anyone has any advice/support to give, I'll take! ;)

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