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Hy-Vee truckload Meat Sale and An Awesome Book Supporting Breast Cancer!

Posted Oct 04 2009 12:00am
Did you make it to the awesome Hy-Vee sale yesterday? What a madhouse. My princess and I went late thinking the crowds wouldn't be as bad as if we went earlier. Boy were we wrong! You would think that no one had groceries in their house. When we came to the end of an aisle, it was like being at a four way stop sign. We each had to take turns to get into the main front or back aisles. We just took our time and waited patiently in line to check out. It was definitely worth it for the items that were in the 6 hour sale. We stocked up. Our freezer is full now!

Hy-Vee was also having their fall truckload meat sale. It is still on today if you want to check it out. We always stock up on certain things from the truckload sale. This time it was sliced cheese, sliced ham, and sausage links. These are three staples in our house. Check it out today if you can. It is worth the trip.

The one thing I really wanted to tell you about is the "EveryDay Coupon Book". It is a information and coupon book that cost $10. It benefits the Susan G Komen for the Cure. The packager of the book is giving $65,000 to the cause. Not only will you get coupons but there are also recipes, and breast cancer awareness articles.

If you aren't aware, October is breast cancer awareness month. I will be writing a few more posts about this because it is near and dear to my heart. My maternal grandma died from breast cancer and my mom is a breast cancer survivor. She almost made it to the five year mark after the first breast cancer but then the cancer was found again. She is doing awesome and fortunately they found it early both times so she just had to do radiation and no chemo.

None of my sisters or I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Praise God. I am very careful about doing a breast exam and also getting my annual mammogram. I hope you do the same even if it doesn't run in your family.

Go to Hy-Vee now and purchase this book. You won't be sorry. You will get some great coupons and will get your money back just by using some of them. There are more than 100 coupons inside with over a $500 value and the coupons are on products that you would use like Kelloggs, Reynolds, Northern, Pampers, Colgate, Birds Eye, Bertolli, Arm and Hammer, LeanCuisine, Tyson, Speed Stick Caribou Coffee and many more. If you don't have a Hy-Vee, google Amy Nichols who is the creator or HarperCollins Publisher. I hope you can find it. If I hear of other stores having it available, I will let you know.

Have a blessed and pain free Sunday!

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