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Guided Imagery with Dr Emmett Miller

Posted Oct 23 2008 5:50pm

A symptom is simply a flag waving

Excerpts from the website: One thing we learn in practicing mind-body medicine, holistic medicine, is that a symptom is simply a flag that is waving which, like a warning light on your dashboard, indicates that something is amiss. Simply covering up the symptom is like covering up the warning light on your dashboard—that’s the problem with symptomatic treatment. I found that what people most needed was deep healing—tools to address the source of the symptoms and bring balance at that level of system. Deep Healing is a powerful concept for understanding your health and performance. It looks beyond symptoms of illness or dysfunction to the source of the imbalance that causes them.

Deep Healing invites you to look deeper than the superficial symptoms and behaviors that cause you discomfort and to discover the inner behaviors—thoughts, emotions, and habits—that block your health and peak performance and produce dysfunction and disease. It aims towards the creation of high-level wellness and peak performance.
Deep Healing is a set of enjoyable mind-tools for creating or restoring the health and balance to mind, body, emotion and spirit—and to your environment and relationships, too.
Deep Healing means contacting and using your inner wisdom and your inner spiritual resources to intentionally guide your mind to produce healing at all levels. It then leads you to harmonize internal and external aspects of your life.

When your mind is deeply relaxed and focused, it can most effectively communicate its health-giving wisdom and guidance to the cells of the body.

Step 1: Guide your mind, body, emotion and spirit into the Healing State, a receptive openness related to deep relaxation, meditation, prayer and self-hypnosis.

Step 2: Use carefully designed images to direct healing energy to those parts that are ill or out of balance.

Step 3: Create and energize a future image of yourself completely healthy and well, so that your entire system accepts this goal and moves toward it.

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