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Five Ultimate Goals

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:11am
Everyone should have aspirations in life, things they want to achieve. Here are things that I’d love to do with my life if money, safety and time were no object:

1) I want to read every book in the store where I work. The fact that new titles come out every week does make this more complex, as does my lack of interest in certain categories, like automobile repair, sports and westerns.

2) I would love to spend a week in every country in the world. 5 down, about 200 to go.

3) In each country I would try a meat, vegetable, dessert, drink or special dish that I have never tried before. I don’t expect to like everything, but I might find new favorites this way.

4) I want to collect an example of the currency from each country, even if it is only a penny. I've got a healthy start on this collection already, including some from countries that no longer exist (like my nickel from the Belgian Congo).

5) Finally, I want to see a specimen of every species of multi-cellular animal alive on earth, preferably but not necessarily in its own habitat, every creature from a blue whale to the Tasmanian devil, from a pygmy Gobi to a whale shark, from a California condor to a Cuban Bee Hummingbird, from a king crab to an axolotl.

I know that I will never achieve even one of these goals completely. This doesn’t stop me from aspiring to complete each one of them.

What ultimate goals to you have?
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