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Fibromyalgia & Weight Gain: Tips to Keep Those Pounds from Piling On

Posted Mar 15 2011 6:23pm
Fibromyalgia weight gain is something that Fibromyalgia sufferers have a problem with in part because of their craving for carbohydrates.  But moreover, it is important to learn to adopt a new Fibromyalgia diet comprised of the right foods to eat that will serve the Fibromyalgia sufferer in their fight to minimize weight gain. 

In short, the best tip is to try to limit your overall consumption as much as possible.  You won’t find this to be an easy tip to follow, but I encourage you to do your best.  Focus on taking proteins you’ll find in lean meats, poultry, eggs, dairy products, even tofu.  And it is extremely important to try to limit your sugar intake.  If you need sweetener, I encourage you to use a natural sweetener like Xylitol or Stevia.

The list of things to avoid is where it gets to be a challenge.  Avoid breads and pastas – essentially most things made from enriched white wheat flour…this means you’ll need to leave the cookies, donuts, cakes and pastries behind. 

In addition, stay away from rice, especially white rice, and avoid potatoes.  And avoid carbonated soft drinks and alcohol.

You’ll note that this is sounding pretty rigorous!  In some respects it is…I’m asking you to develop new habits to help with weight loss with Fibromyalgia.   And as you know, developing a new habit takes discipline.  So be clear as to what this new habit entails, and then do your utmost to stick to it.

But one thing that I want to encourage you to do is to give yourself a treat every once in a while.  If you make this program too rigorous, you’ll feel better, but you’ll also feel deprived.  Plan your meals so you get your taste of the carbos you desire…just be smart about it.
So, if you want to have rice with dinner, make it brown rice (you’ll notice that a lot of Asian restaurants are now offering brown rice as an alternative).  If you must consume bread, stay away from the simple white bread, and learn to enjoy whole grain breads. If you want to make pasta, then use whole wheat pasta.

These are all little changes, but they can add up.  Whole grains taste similar to the highly processed foods you may be used to, but they are less likely to contribute to your weight gain.  But a word of caution here – while these whole grains are better than the processed grains, they are still carbohydrates.  So go easy on the breads and pasta and be sure to stick with those made from whole grains.

While we’re talking about what specifically to eat and not to eat to minimize Fibromyalgia weight gain, I can’t stress enough that you can make huge strides if you just avoid processed foods altogether.  So my top take-home tip is to make your meals from scratch.  Then you’ll have total control of the carbs that you’ll consume.

I urge everyone listening today to become an educated consumer.  Read those labels on the food you buy – read them before you buy.  You’ll soon be amazed at how much sugar goes into the foods you see on the shelves.  The modern palette seems to have a strong taste for sugars, so once you start reading those labels you’ll see that it finds its way into almost everything.  This is why making your meals from scratch is so important.

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