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Fibromyalgia Weight Gain: Mindful Shopping Can Help

Posted Mar 08 2011 11:26pm
Fibromyalgia weight gain is a problem that Fibromyalgia sufferers around the world have to deal with every day.  With some new studies that are coming out about diet in Fibromyalgia that reveal that people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia have a built-in craving for carbohydrates; it is ever more important that new habits are formed to keep the weight off.

With carbohydrate consumption being one of the most prevalent cause of weight gain, the best tip one can take action on immediately is to eat better foods.  And to accomplish this, there is a simple habit that you should adopt – begin as soon as possible preparing your own meals from scratch.

This new adventure should start with your shopping experience.  An earlier post mentioned mindful eating.  In preparation for mindful eating, we suggest you practice mindful shopping. 

Fibromyalgia weight gain is something that you are concerned about every day.  Controlling your diet with Fibromyalgia is essential to help you to achieve weight loss.  So, the next trip to your grocery store stop as you walk in and look around before you wheel the cart into the store.  Notice how the store is laid out.  You’ll see that the center aisles of your store are those where all the prepared food is found, while the perimeter of the store is where you get all the fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins, and freshly baked, whole grain breads.

As you plan your meals, think about this physical layout, and pick up only the foods that are in the perimeter of your store.  Begin to make your meals using fresh vegetables and fruits.  Pick up protein sources that will appeal to you, and will mix well with these fresh produce choices.

If you find that you are wandering into the center of the aisles in the grocery store begin a new habit today of reading every label of every item you place in that shopping cart.  Understanding exactly what goes into the food you buy will begin to change your life.  As you begin to read those labels and learn what all the additives are that are included in each package of prepared food, you’ll start to question the reason for choosing that for your next meal.

Mindful eating will make a huge difference for you in how you eat, how much you eat, and how you will begin to appreciate the food you’ve prepared.  You’ll experience a change in the way you appreciate food, and you will come to enjoy preparing your meals from scratch because each meal will just plain taste better.

A healthy diet with Fibromyalgia is essential.  Fibromyalgia weight gain is something that can be limited with new habits.  And your new habit of mindful eating will go hand-in-hand with this new habit of mindful shopping.  You will be eating better, and eating foods that will be less likely to contribute to the weight gain that plagues you as one of the Fibromyalgia symptoms you thought you couldn’t control.  As you gain more energy from eating better, you will feel that you actually are in control of your disease.  And this newly found control will make you feel better!

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