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Fibromyalgia & Weight Gain: Mindful Eating – The Easy Tip Keep the Weight Off

Posted Mar 11 2011 5:05pm
Fibromyalgia weight gain is a symptom of Fibromyalgia that can cause a lot of emotional pain.  A Fibromyalgia diet can be an important consideration, but developing a new habit can be much more beneficial.

Fibromyalgia weight gain is a problem that haunts people with this disease, and can lead to other physical complications, and mental anguish.  Learning about how to control the craving for carbohydrates is a big step to help in this battle. And stepping up to build new habits will help even more in the battle with carbohydrates. But there are even more new habits that the Fibromyalgia sufferer should consider developing that will help them win their battle with weight gain and actually help achieve weight loss with Fibromyalgia.

One of the most important new habits to develop is to learn to be mindful when eating.  You’ll find that in being mindful about eating you will they tend to consume less food, and thus fewer calories. 

So just what is “being mindful while eating”?  We should all eat until we’re full.  You’ll note that I said “full” but not “stuffed.”  This requires that you eat slowly, and chew your food well.  Pay attention to what you feel about being full.  Note how the next few bites change your feeling of fullness.  When you’ve reached the point where you feel full – then stop eating.  By paying attention to the way you feel – by being mindful – that will result in you’re eating less. 

And there’s a wonderful side benefit with being mindful while eating.  You’ll begin to experience food in a new way.  I’ve suggested to you that you start to prepare your own meals from scratch.  You’ll eat better and your food will taste better.  The new habit of mindfulness will change the way you taste your meals.  You’ll start to notice the subtle ways that the herbs and spices you use in cooking make a difference in your meals.  You’ll taste the natural sweetness of the vegetables and savor the flavor of the fruit along with the nuttiness of the whole grains. 

In short, you will start to experience your food in an entirely new way.  Your meals won’t be just something that you do to “stoke the furnace” and get you going.  They will become an experience that you will savor.

And while we’re talking about a change in your approach to eating, there is one more little change that you can make that will make a huge difference in controlling weight gain with Fibromyalgia.  Eat with regularity – three small meals and two snacks each day.  If you eat small amounts frequently your digestive system will do a much more thorough job of processing what you eat.  The efficiency of your digestion will help you to avoid gaining more.

These simple changes in eating habits – making eating a mindful experience; and eating smaller, more frequent meals – along with a Fibromyalgia diet that low in carbohydrates is will slowly help you to stave off putting on more weight, while allowing you to begin the process of losing the weight you have already gained.  You will find that you will feel better about yourself.  Your self-image will improve, and your stress will begin to melt away.  With that reduction in stress you will see over time a lessening of the other painful symptoms of Fibromyalgia.
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