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Fibromyalgia or Post Viral Syndrome? How to make definitve Dx?

Posted by wenzdai

I am female age 44. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 18 months ago, after 2 years of acute and closely reccring episodes of symptoms. I had afight to get a rereffal for fibro eval and Psych said it was PTSD "Somatized Pain" symptoms. I had been having episodes of symptoms similar for a very long time.

The rheumatologist who diagnosed me w ith Fibomyalgia ordered a LOT of blood tests and I had Xrays and MRI exams also. My new Primary CareProvider is knowledgable about fibro and is gathering all of my past records that are available.

When I was age 12 I had Mumps with Spinal Meningitis. The recovery period was long. 6 months or more of extreem fatigue and headache, myalgias, etc.

At age 14, I continued to have these episodes of symptoms and had become clumsy, distractible, depressed, tired. Previously I was a relatively healthy and very active child. By age 14 I could no longer dive, run, ride a bicycle, dance or do standing postures in yoga. At that time I returned to the Dr who had treated me for Mumps and Meningitis at age 12. He told me I had Post Viral Syndrome, which might get better or worse.

What medical tests can help to differentiate between Fibro and PVS? 

I have never had a Spinal Tap. Would examination of CSF be helpful?

I am certainly open to the possibility that I have a differant condition entirely, one that has been falsely ruled out or not tested for.

I have never had Chickenpox, although I have been the only person in an epidemic situation TWICE (age 5 and age 13) who did not have any pox or fever. I have never had the chienpox vaccine. I have never had shingles or any Herpes symptoms, including 'cold sores.'

I repeatedly test HIV-

I am currently waiting for HCV test results, as I did have one confirmed Blood-Blood exposure at age 13 (just disclosed to me this year.) and numerous secondary exposures.

I have also been variously diagnosed in the past with Probable Fetal Drug Syndrome on review of mothers Hx,  Early Childhood Malnutrition, Attention Defecit Disorder, Vertigo, GERD (with damge to vocal cords), Cluster Headaches, Metabolic Syndrome, Hyperlipidemia (extreme elevated triglyrecides at present, PTSD, Dissociative Disorder, and have been tested for seizures with inconclusive results many times.

Any suggestions you have as to how these various diagnosis and symptoms may be related and any testing that may assist us in getting diagnosis that is relevant to treatment will be very much appreciated by me and my medical team.






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