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Fibromyalgia and the Importance of positive emotions

Posted Oct 23 2008 5:50pm

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton has done an elegant job of showing how the dogma of genetic determinism is just that – dogma. He has shown that our genes and cells respond to signals from outside the cells, including the hormonal and energetic messages that reflect our emotional, mental and spiritual experiences.
Lipton and others’ research reveals that rather than being determined by our genes, we actually are continually changing our genes by what we choose to think, feel and do. Such choices are constantly being genetically encoded in our brain and energetic structures. Our neurological pathways are strengthened by frequency and weakened by infrequency. Therefore, learning how to self-regulate our emotions is fundamental to unlocking our potential for greater health and well-being -– and greater connectedness with ourselves and others.

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It’s obvious that feelings of anger and frustration negatively affect psychological health, and that care and compassion do the opposite. Not so well known are the studies over the last decade or so which have shown that the same is true of our physical health—specifically, resistance to disease.

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The 3 most effective tools I have personally used for greatly improving my emotional and physical health include:
1) Holosync
2) Heartmath
3) The Work

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