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Fibromyalgia and Nerve Pain: Fibro Dot in Distress

Posted Nov 15 2010 11:25am

The short answer is Dot is now in the Fibro World of Pain.

Dot began having shooting nerve pain from her right hip down to her right big toe.  

The pain was not her usual fibromyalgia pain but a feeling of electric shocks that limited her movements to sitting in her zero degree reclining chair or bed.  She can no longer sit in a chair without triggering muscle spasms or irritating her nerve.

The past two months have been a bewildering and depressing change in Dot's overall chronic pain condition.  

We were very grateful and optimistic after the ultrasound guided nerve blocks and Botox shots in May and June 2010 that brought significant relief and reduction in migraines.  

The nerve blocks have had a lasting effect on Dot's eyes.  Her light sensitivity and eye pain are way down.  

Alas, as is usually the case, the Botox effect sadly wore off after four months.

Dot has been spending a considerable amount of time trying to calculate the cheapest way to fill her prescriptions, which, like many of the fibromyalgia and migraine medications, are name brand with no generics available.  

Or in some cases, like Topamax, the generic doesn't seem to work as well. 

Dot is on Savella and has increased her dose to help with the increased nerve pain, Mirapex to help her sleep and Topamax for migraine prevention.  Flector Patches and Voltaren Gel also cost a bundle but are now more effective for the nerve pain but were not effective for overall fibro pain.

Yesiree, we tried everything to help with the pain.  Dot is now on a daily Percocet dosage to help her have some quality time.  Unfortunately, she only gets 20 minutes of real relief, but this helps her get through the day. 

Ironically, for the past four years Dot has been resisting taking opioid pain killers, but when it became apparent there was no cure to heal the cause of her pain, Percocet has provided an increase in her daily quality of life, at least as Dot works towards getting approval for her next Botox injections.  

(More in my next post on magnesium, cabbage leaves as well as ubiquinol.)

Dot is currently spending her time trying to appeal her insurance company's decision to deny a second Botox injection treatment. 

Her prescriptions for Percocet and Dexedrine for chronic pain and chronic fatigue also require a bit of effort since they are controlled drugs and not every doctor is comfortable prescribing or managing them.  

So, Dot is shouldering on with heated booties on her feet and her eyeballs fixed on the distant horizon.

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