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Fibro Fog: One Simple Trick to Relieve This Fibromyalgia Symptom

Posted Mar 08 2011 2:16am
Your body’s internal cellular environment could be the reason that Fibro Fog, a Fibromyalgia symptom sometimes referred to as brain fog, is causing you a great deal of distress.

Recent studies have shown that Fibromyalgia sufferers experience an acid/alkaline imbalance in their bodies which relates to all of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia; and, Fibro Fog is no exception. 

With the subject of acid/alkaline balance in Fibromyalgia, in some ways we get into the old riddle of which comes first, the chicken or the egg:  does the acidosis (the imbalance which leads to a highly acidic environment) cause these symptoms, or is it the result of them?  In short…to be a little cute, the answer is yes.  Acidosis causes these symptoms and is caused by them.

This is one of the things that create the complexity of Fibro Fog and the other symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  There are so many issues that inter-relate to one another.  And this cause and effect cycle is one of the reasons that Fibro Fog can come and go.  The body’s complex biochemical machinery is designed to be well-oiled feedback loop.  Our bodies will always attempt to attain the homeostasis that we were born with.  So when anything falls “out of the norm” as a result of stress, or trauma, the body fights back.

In previous posts I mentioned how stress is a leading contributor to Fibro Fog, while at the same time, the experience of Fibro Fog leads to an enormous amount of stress.  Well, stress is a huge contributor to acidosis.  It is extremely important for the Fibro Fog sufferer to invest as much attention as possible to relieve their stress.  This will relieve the Fibro Fog.

Here’s one simple tip that could help in the battle with Fibro Fog.  Drink lots of water, but before drinking the water make sure that you put a few drops of lemon juice in the glass.  Invest in lemons, because they could be one of the easiest tools you can employ in your fighting Fibro Fog.  This tip seems too easy to be true, but it is related to the link between acidosis and Fibromyalgia.  Try it, and watch for the changes to happen.

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