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Fat Cell Study Yields Disturbing Results Part 2

Posted Sep 28 2008 5:17pm

We are back again today to discuss how the number of fat cells we have can effect our fibromyalgia. This is true because higher numbers of fat cells means more fat can be stored. This can increase blood sugar levels as we all know that diabetes is a co-condition of fibromyalgia.

When the amount of sugar is increased in our blood we have more pain. As a sufferer of fibromyalgia you should be able to feel it. Since what ever amount of fat cells we have at the age of 20 we will likely keep we should be teaching our children the importance of loosing weight while it maybe too late for most of us….they still have a fighting chance.

If you are not sure about diabetes and would like additional information click here and research. Also listed below are some signs of diabetes:

Increased thurst

rapid weightloss

Mood irritablity

blurred vision

Frequent urination

If you have any of these symptoms report to your physician. Also if you would like to read more on symptoms of diabetes you can visit… Life Clinic.

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