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Energetic Fitness Systems

Posted Jul 14 2011 1:24pm 1 Comment

The Energetic Fitness System is a unique energy medicine technology that infuses energy into the human body via a high static electrical field.  The origins of the technology are attributed to the scientific work of Nikola Tesla in the late 1800's. Tesla, an inventor and visionary genius in the field of electricity pioneered the science that forms the basis of alternating current (AC) electric power systems, X-rays, and wireless energy transmissions. Tesla believed that it was possible to use electricity to provide energy for the human body to function optimally. He wrote the following about a particularly stressful time in his life:

"I was so blue and discouraged in those days that I do not believe I could have borne up but for the regular treatments of electricity that I applied to myself. It puts into the entire body what it needs most - Life Force."

Because of Tesla's eccentric personality and unbelievable claims about many possible scientific developments, he was regarded as a "mad scientist" and never received a patent on his energy medicine technology. Replicas of his original machine and theories about its use survived quietly over the past 100 years. Justin Brost stumbled upon a person who had a crude version of this technology, which resulted in the relief of severe neck pain he suffered from after one session. His curiosity was piqued, Brost spent the past eleven years developing a product that incorporates modern materials and components and with the help of other researchers designed a new technology that provides maximum benefits. EFS has an impressive list of scientific advisors including James Oschman, Ph.D. the famous authority on energy medicine and author of "Energy Medicine: the scientific basis", and "Energy Medicine: in therapeutics and human performance". Brost is careful to make no medical claims on the Energetic Fitness System saying only that the technology gives the body the energy to heal itself. However he has witnessed remarkable improvements in those using EFS with many health conditions including muscular skeletal injuries, idopathic pulmonary fibrosis, spinal cord injuries, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia as well as optimal performance for athletes.

The EFS user sits in a non-metal chair with bare feet on an energized glass plate while holding a 5-inch diameter energized glass bulb called the Plasma Containment System (PCS) in the hands while high voltage with no current at a broad spectrum of random wavelengths is maintained between the hands and the feet. The user feels a static vibration in the hands that gradually moves further up into the wrists and arms. The PCS creates an orange/pink glow and emits an ozone odor. The intensity of the energy can be regulated by how much contact there is in the feet on the glass plate. Over time and the user "equalizes" with the energy to a comfortable level. The energy field creates analog harmonic frequency patterns that are rapidly changing and different for each person. This is in contrast to other energy technologies where the frequencies are digital and predetermined by a computer program. The theory is that that the individual using EFS "tunes" to the energetic field and gets the frequencies he or she needs to heal and balance their body.

In May 2011 I traveled to Bellingham, Washington to meet Justin Brost and try out the Energetic Fitness System technology. Justin and his wife Shannon operate their business out a of small light industrial space where they do the final assembly of EFS units and ship them to customers. It is clear that the Brosts are passionate about this technology and dedicated to making it available to the public. At this point they have sold around 250 units mostly to individuals. Their goal however is to have EFS units in doctor's offices, sports centers, spas massage and physical therapy clinics. Since the units do not require any complicated programming and are easy to operate these "charging" sessions would be affordable to the everyday client. 

Given my highly reactive and sensitive nature I was afraid I might have a bad response to the EFS but fortunately that was not the case. Initially I had an positive emotional response to the energy that felt like a release. My first session lasted around 50 minutes. Afterwards I felt tired but relaxed and I slept well that night - a good sign for me. Encouraged by this response I commuted to Bellingham twice a week for the next month to pursue this therapy. Over that time I noticed a gradual increase in my energy, resolution of low back pain, and resolution of chronic sore feet and buttocks. I did not however experience any improvement in my muscle condition which is triggered by exercise and exertion. At the end of the month I purchased my own EFS unit to use at home. I was optimistic that by doing the EFS at home on a daily basis I might experience further improvements. I did 25 minute sessions daily for five days. This is the recommended amount that corresponds to the Chinese medical perspective that the human energy system cycles at 20-25 minute intervals. Feeling quite good I challenged my muscle condition by gardening two days in a row for an hour and a half each day. The third day my muscles were very painful and I "flared" into a fibromyalgia episode. I was hopeful that the EFS would help me recover more quickly from this flare so I increased my sessions to 50 minutes two days in a row. On the second day I had a severe agitation of my nervous system. I consulted with Justin who recommended that I take off one day and return to 25 minute daily sessions. I took off two days and then tried another session but had a bad reaction to that as well. It was obvious to me that I had overdone the therapy and I needed to take a break. After two weeks I was able to tolerate another EFS session but reacted again after four times of using the unit every other day.

I definitely gained benefits from EFS that were cumulative and have stayed with me but thus far the therapy has not improved my muscle function. Since EFS is particularly helpful for athletes recovering from work outs and  "Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness" which my muscle condition resembles, this was particularly disappointing. My personal recovery involves two important components: increasing the energy in my body and decreasing the agitation in my central nervous system that I developed over the years of living with profound physical stress and exhaustion. The EFS is helpful for increasing my energy but after a period of time it agitated my nervous system. My recovery needs to be balanced with other therapies like LENS and NeuroField which is working to calm this agitation and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. I remain optimistic that I can find the combination of therapies that will include EFS to facilitate my complete recovery.

It is important to keep in mind that each person with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia as well as all other chronic illnesses has a unique presentation of these conditions with various complications and sets of symptoms.  Although there are commonalities and overlapping issues, each person can only find through trial and error what works for them. I believe that recovery is possible but there is no "silver bullet" treatment that can cure these conditions just as there is no one cause for them. (For more on this read my post "What Causes CFS & FMS" ). I think that the Energetic Fitness System is an important therapeutic tool that may be helpful for many individuals with CFS and FSM. Caution needs to be exercised for highly sensitive individuals like myself who can "overdose" on the treatment but otherwise the modality is very safe. To learn more about it go to:

Photo  Here I am using the EFS at home. 

  Photo   Notice the orange glow created by the PCS bulb which emits an ozone smell.  

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youtube dot com/user/EnergeticFitness



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