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Emotional Illness/Emotional Wellness

Posted Feb 24 2008 6:22am

I came across some of my old notes this morning about how emotions affect the physical body. Dr's Pert and Lipton helped me the most as I was learning why emotional healing was critical to feeling well. (You can do a search in the sidebar for more articles on these scientists.) Here's one important recording from my notes: "the peptide network also reaches into all the organs, glands, spinal cord, and tissues of the body. “This means,” says Pert, “that emotional memory is stored throughout the body. And you can access emotional memory anywhere in the network.” Emotions can range from anger to fear, sadness, joy, contentment, courage, pleasure, pain, hunger, awe, bliss. Pert envisions emotions travelling up the body into the brain, where they are finally integrated and expressed. She has called herself a “molecular Reichian”, after the theory of radical psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, who believed that body “armoring” and muscular tension was a result of emotional repression, and led to illness."

It has been scientifically proven over and over again that light waves are emanating in reaction to the energetic force behind them. Everything seen and unseen is energy in motion, and therefore the force that creates, heals or destroys. How powerful then our own thoughts and beliefs become in creating reality. The good news is we are on the forefront of learning to direct our energy, to purposefully use our minds for the expansion of healing.

The following list summarizes the energetic principles I work on to remain emotionally well
1) Change your vibe to change the experience.

Because the body is electrical, and each cell in the body has a positive and negative charge, we are magnetically charged according to what our thoughts vibrate and send out. Most of my life I reacted to events I perceived as negative in ways which inadvertently flooded my body with negative charge! Now I have learned to question my perception, put in the bigger picture, use experience to discern what I want, and purposely change my vibe. This doesn't mean I don't cry, get angry, and occasionally lose my temper. But it does mean that I process the experience much differently, and I have seen and felt how much more emotionally centered I have become, how much more compassionate I can be with former "enemies," and how much less it matters whether I am "right."

2) The energy of LOVE instantly transforms and heals.

How many times have I withheld love when I was angry and upset? I unknowingly put myself in physical distress with my attitudes of hurt, resentment, condemnation, judgment, rationalization, and defensiveness. This is a HARD habit to break and I'm still working on it! But the more deliberate I can be in my intention to love and forgive myself and others equally, the more relaxed my body becomes.

3) Put your focus on the future you want to create as your experience.

I have seen in my own life over and over again that the sooner I get my focus on what I prefer to be my future experience, the sooner I let go of my pain and suffering. Most of us have been taught to believe that if we forgive and forget it will just happen again, but what I've learned is the science of "ENERGY." It's clear to me that the belief is what really brings in more of the same. It's what you focus on that becomes reality! What you give attention to, what you think about matters. I remember dwelling on my illness, constantly thinking about it, complaining about it, focusing on it. Until I changed that habit, I could not possibly heal.

Worthy Background links
Candace Pert interviewed by Psychology Today
Wilhelm Reich and the Interrelatedness of Psychology and Medicine
Bruce Lipton on the Key to real health

A beautiful comment
It's in human relationships that we get to see evidence of whether we're coming from fear or living in love. When fear speaks to us, it never says, "I'm going to wreck your relationship."
It says, "I'm going to keep you safe. I'm going to make sure no one hurts you in any way."
We want to be safe, to be protected. But love, the voice of faith, says, "Go ahead and take a risk. Open your heart. Take a step in love." Seize your opportunities this day to respond with love. To believe the best is a faith move.
-- Mary Manin Morrissey

{cyberhug and Be well!}
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