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Elephants for Darth Larry

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:05pm
Just before he moved to Idaho, I promised Darth Larry I would take some photos for him of the newly renovated elephant exhibit at our zoo. I took many more shots than this, but as they were taken on my trusty cell phone, I only chose the best of them. The quality is still...not professional, that's for sure.

So welcome to the Zoo! This way to the elephants!

Along the pathway are numerous sculptures, some of elephants, some of other animals that could be found along the way. Some, like the lizard and the anteater, are life-sized. The dung beetle statue, on the other hand, is knee-high.

Also along the path are two structures. One, the metal building is an replica of a tracking station, including a desk, elephant collar and tracking equipment. The other is a tent with two cots; I presume this would be a field station when following the elephants on foot.

Oh yes, the building also contains a helicopter that was really used to follow elephants in Cameroon by air. You really get to climb inside, though it doesn't fly anymore.

I'm missing something though. What could it be? Perhaps...elephants???

Though it's not obvious from these photos, these elephants are in two separate yards with a barricade between. Both yards are huge, and the north one has a pool with a small waterfall. The elephant in the southern yard came up to the front of the exhibit while I was watching, giving me the nice portrait between the rocks.

This is just a glimpse of the expansion. Hope you enjoyed it!
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