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Dr. Horrible

Posted Aug 04 2008 2:07pm
If you're a Joss Whedon fan, or fond of Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion or Felicia Day, you really ought to check this out. I never sawBuffyorAngel, but my husband watchedFireflyduring its brief on-air stint and he taught me about its wonders when it came out on DVD.

Of course, if you don't live under a Luddite rock, like me, you probably already know that original content programs exist online. I'd heard aboutlonelygirl15, of course, but it didn't catch my attention. Lately, we've been catching up onBattlestar Galactica, and I wondered why the show spent so little time on the lives of the crew on New Caprica. Then I learned there areshort episodesonline about this time period. Now I just need to find them so I can watch...

How long before online programming replaces the television, just as TV replaced radio programs?

Anyway, watch Dr. Horrible! Thanks to Qemuel forintroducingme to it afew weeks agowhen I really needed the laugh.
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