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Do you know of any treatment for acute or chronic EBV? not mono.

Posted by Olivia

I have been diagnosed with EBV, I do not have active mono. I have had this for years though I didn't know what was wrong because I had no insurance. It caused fibromyalgia. Even though I use so much alternative medicine, my immune system is very low and I get sick often. This is causing loneliness and frustration. I cannot find more help for treatment of acute EBV. Why is there not more known and done for a virus that has been connected to so many chronic illnesses,MS,lupus,CFS,fibromyalgia? Do you have any advice beside the same, rest, supplements, and excercise? Been sick for a month now and so down hearted. Feel like I'll never get better. Been ill for over a year this time with periods of a week or two o.k.
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I saw this and wanted to answer right away even though i don't have the Dr.s name etc. 

I haven't done it yet but there is a Dr. in Florida who has written a book saying antivirals can cure fibromyalgia and other illnesses.  I am thinking of doing it.  I currently take Transfer factors, immune 26 or any of the many immune boosting supplements out there.  If i don't i get sick.  I have been tested for eBV, plus herpes 6, cmv.  A lot of people have highgh markers for these  because they stay in the system and its our Immune system that keeps old viruses from reactivating.

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