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Diabetes: D.A.P.( Diabetes Assistance Program)

Posted Sep 11 2008 5:05pm 1 Comment

Hello Everyone!

I am forming a new program for diabetics. Its called D.A.P The Diabetes Assistance Program. It will assist not only seniors but all people with diabetes, and those at high risk. Providing them finacial assistance to purchase foods on their recommended diets during the month. Important testing supplies, and scales to weigh their food properly.

It will give people who have a family history, or are over weight assistance to stay healthy and give prevention information. I am looking for any one whom would like to participate in this program to contact me A.S.A.P. I need to prove there is a valid need for this program before I can get the financing to start.

So if you are interested you can contact:Lisa Robertson

or call


Thanks for your assistance!



Diabetes Support

Diabetes Watch

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I think that this is so great,  I am a single mom with a child that has type 1 diabetes, and am on food stamps.  I find that most of the time our food stamps just don't cover the food that my son should eat for the month.  I try my best to get as much of the right food for him to eat but when the food stamps run out before the end of the month I find myself scraping to get any type of food that is cheap to get us through the month. He is borderline for ciliac so I need to try to get as much gluten free foods as possible but they are so expensive.  I wish that social services could understand that a family with a child that has type 1 diabetes is totaly different than a child with type2 diabetes and that food is expensive and that our food stamps just to get us through the month, but they tell me too bad and send me on my way.  HELP !!
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