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Cough, cough - get back here lung!

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:48pm 2 Comments
This time I picked up a cold somehow.... probably from my kids, they are wonderful at bringing cooties home. And the "Circle, circle, dot, dot - I got my cootie shot" doesn't work for these type of yuckies.

I've been dealing with a cough that I seriously think is trying to expel a lung from my body. I think I'd like to keep my lungs within my chest cavity, thank you very much.

So, in other words, not much posting over here until I can make sure I won't end up with a lung on my keyboard.
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wow I hope you get feeling better, I have had that experiance, and when you do cough up that plug, you will feel alot better, if that is what it is, and not bronchitis, or something!

kids do have a way of getting you sick no matter what you try to do haha

btw i just joined this community, thought i'd read around and comment 

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