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constant weight gain?????

Posted May 07 2010 5:00am

How can someone feel so crappy, keep going head first-chin up, run run run......can't sleep, but so tired you can't eat.........and STILL GAIN WEIGHT ??!!

My weight has done a continual creep the past 15 months, no matter what I do.  Then came the insomnia and fatigue so bad that I chose rest over food.  Yet instead of dieting and exercising to get down from 172.......I am now 208 ????

Talk about being pissed off lol.

So Today...May 7, 2010.  I'm starting all over again.  Eating eggs and try to incorporate more protein and vegetables.  Started an 1 1/2 hr tennis lesson on Wednesday mornings with a friend that I enjoy.  And would love to start riding my bike again, but just have no energy.  (May force myself. ) I have been walking on my treadmill the past 2 weeks. During the early morning hours, I have the laptop perched on a makeshift support so I can do a leisurely 2.5 mph walk til kids wake up.  That could be 30 minutes, 2 bouts of 25 minutes or sometimes  60-90 minutes uninterrupted.  That helps perk me up and seems to relax me.

I gave up caffeine.  Well almost lol. But instead of throughout the day coffee, I have a cup once or twice a week.  My blood pressure has dropped some, 132/88 .  It has always been low til the past 2 years.  like 110/70 or 100/60.

I was curious is anyone has information on adrenal fatigue & exhaustion. 

I don't have much stability in the home.  No family around, husband works rotating shifts and is anti social once home.  People don't stop by because he doesn't make them feel welcome.  I gave up my career to be a stay at home mom when we moved across the country.  And it is so difficult to make friends here.  I've never seen people move so much.  My daughter's get a best friend, then they move....every year!  It;s insane.  As for me, I tried for the first 10 years with being very active with church, school, PTA, sports, martial arts, YMCA, cookouts til hubby got crabby.......but same thing...people move, change jobs, or do everything with family, or import their family here.  It is so weird.

 Just this setup leaves everything on me since my husband isn't around with his long rotating shiftwork.  And his days off are in front of a TV.  My oldest is going off to college now and I have a 3 yr old full of energy with no friends.  I haven't met anyone with little kids. And believe me, I do the driveby's.  Best place to find playmates is at an indoor McDonald's in Fort Worth , 45 miles away.


I had severe arm and shoulder pain for a year.  Then a few months later severe pain from hips down for a year with no relief in sight.  Doc said fibromyalgia and bursitis with Sjogren's on top of that.  Cortisone shots at Christmas 2009 helped for 4-5 weeks, thought I was cured and didn't mind the bad reaction to the shots but it came back strong as ever.

Best friend here works for a successful herbal company and suggested a powder she gave me.  I couldn't stand it lol.  But what did work were the pill equivalents.


Morning One a Day mature women 50+ advantage

afternoon B super complex 150


                              1000 MG VITAMIN C

                                500 MG MAGNESIUM

                              5000 IU  D3


I recently added 200 mg chromium with half a 25 mg tab of dhea, twice in the afternoon.  So far so good








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