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Can Fibromyalgia cause spasms in your stomach?

Posted by MISSDD46

I  have fibromalgia but never had spasms until now in my stomach,when i

get them it is like someone is squeezing the breath out of me,i can't catch my breath.Or does relate to something else like my lungs or heart.

Very scared can someone help me understand what I'm going through!!!!!!

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I also have Fibromyalgia. I along with you have pains in my upper abdomen. Mine is even sore to the touch on the outside of it. The doctor explained to me that there are nerves that run along (underneath your rib cage, slightly lower) from one side to the other. At first I thought my liver, my spleen something because it hurt so bad; but he knew right where to follow the nerve to show me where it would continuously hurt if he pushed on it. It is all due to the Firomyalgia and the over sensitivity of our nerves.

Spasms can occur anywhere with Fibromyalgia. They can be very frightening, especially if you haven't had them in that location before and it feels like a new sensation. The best solution (always) is taking a deep breath and practicing deep breathing exercises from your diaphragm! Barbara


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