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Can fibromyalgia cause pain in hips that is worse on one side?

Posted by Pat

My hips hurt hurt all the time now, but especially the right side.  It's a burning ache with tender spots and soreness in the muscles.  Sometimes the discomfort wakes me at night and I have to take Ibuprofin.  X-rays show no arthritis.  I have not been to the doctor with this but have had this problem several years, and it's getting worse. 
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It might be painful trigger points, or tight glut/hip muscles spasming with or w/o a nerve involved, but it could also be greater trochanter bursitis.  I have fibro, arthritis, tight muscles./tendons and spasms, plus bilateral (both hips) bursitis around the big hip bone atop the thigh...called the greater trochanter.  Painful always and hard to sleep on my sides.  Steroid injections directly inbto the bursa help...see a Rheumatologist for help.  Lidoderm patches (lidocaine patches) help, too, but use carefully.  Suzanne, TX

pat i have sent a messge to you

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