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burning sensation in outside upper thigh

Posted by tinytim

I have a burning sensation on the outside of  my upper thigh from the top of my thigh to just past my knee the pain at times is unbearable i feel like screaming as it's like it is on fire, is there anything that i can use on it to stop the burning sensation even for a few hours as the pain is constant have told the doc all he says it will get better in 2 weeks but that was 2 months ago and the pain is getting worse not better but the doc is not interested in helping me any more.
Thanks Tim
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I was just diganose with  meralgia paresthetica.  The burning sensation would happen when I sit on the chair from the top front of leg down to the below the knees.  He said it maybe due to my weight.  There are nerves on the front sides of both your hip waistline that gets pressure to it when sitting down.  I do have a gut and he said if I lose weight it may relieve the problem. The gut applying presure to the front nerves could be the culprit. 
I was just diganose with meralgia paresthetica. The burning sensation would happen when I sit on the chair from the top front of leg down to the below the knees. He said it maybe due to my weight. There are nerves on the front sides of both your hip that gets pressure to it when sitting down. I do have a gut and he said if I lose weight it may relieve the problem.
Well I don't have fibromyalgia like everyone else is saying. I do however, work at Burger King and am constantly on my feet and this just started today. I work about 5 days straight with only two days off. Could it be possible that I'm getting a small case of Meralgia Paraesthetica?
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I'm glad to hear that clothing isn't the likely cause, Amira. I've gradually come to the same conclusion. Sitting on my computer chair seems to make it worse. It's a medium hard chair with a soft cushion on top. I think I may be pinching a nerve when I'm sitting on this chair, particularly right at the front edge of the chair. The other thing that makes it worse is walking or standing for a long time. The numbness will go all the way down my leg to my foot then. I notice sensitivity too. If I touch my leg, it feels like pieces of sharp gravel are being pushed into it. I can sleep better now, though. There is hope! I think that what has helped me is paying attention to what makes it worse and avoiding those things as much as possible. I've made all kinds of changes, such as no longer sitting in a cross-legged position. Some of these changes must have helped. The problem isn't gone, but I can live with it now. I hope yours will get better too!
I have the diagosis of Fibromyalsia.  In the past 2 or 3 months I have been getting the same painful burning in the sides of my tighs and when it occurs, it is also sensitive to the touch.  It comes and goes.  I am assuming it is associated with Fibro.  My clothing is very loose as I wear Muslim garb so tight clothing isn't the culprit of these symptoms.
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Hi Tink1865,

Have you read about meralgia presthetica? My doctor misdiagnosed my condition as bursitis and then told me there was nothing more she could do for me. I am sure that meralgia paresthetica is what I have. I have it on both thighs, although one side has more itching and the other side more pain. There are great descriptions and information on the Internet. Freud had this condition, and his description of his symptoms is one of the best, I think. Like you, I have the most trouble when I lie down. I have hardly slept in years. This is a serious disability for me. I think part of the problem may be that the elastic from my pants slides down a bit and pinches the hip nerve. I never wear tight elastic, but maybe the constant rubbing and slight pressure are enough to cause the problem... What to do? Stop wearing clothes?? I hope you will find some good help.

I also have FM but I have the burning sensation when I lay down on both sides of upper legs just below the hip.  It feels like someone has lit  a match on my legs.  My pain medicine doesnt even touch the pain.  My doctor said it was sciatica.  But I dont know.  Just had x-rays done waiting on the results.
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Now that I've read more about meralgia paresthetica, I'm pretty sure that's what I have. I once read in a book that it can happen, in FM, that a leg muscle pinches a nerve, causing numbness down the side of the thigh. I think that the author was probably referring to meralgia paresthetica. Too bad that numbness isn't the only torture this condition brings! I haven't been able to sleep in about 7 years now! Neither my family doctor nor a neurologist I saw knew anything about it. They just said, "There's nothing that can be done." By now, I know that that type of statement is never true. I have unusually large, hard muscles, so I am going to try stretching exercises first. Maybe I can free up the nerve. Good luck to all of you!
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I have fibromyalgia too, and the same symptoms you describe. I'm still not convinced that this is "simply fibromyalgia." I had severe, unbearable itching for years, which turned into severe pain practically overnight. Lots of numbness too! The worst area for all three symptoms seems to be just above my knee, on the outside surface of my leg. There are two possible causes I have in mind: varicose veins (which do not need to be visible to cause symptoms, I have read) and Meralgia paraesthetica (see I have only just found out about this second one.

Hi - I have fibromyalgia also and have been noticing exactl what you are describing.  Burning pain in upper outside thigh - starts at hip and goes down my leg.  Walking any distance at all is getting painful and my legs get stiff also.  I hobble like an old lady.

I did not know this was a fibromaylgia pain.  It sure is different lol

I as well have something similar with my left thigh just above the knee. It will go numb at times when I'm standing to long and it will start to feel like it's burning if I'm standing longer then a hour at times. the numbness has gradually been coming on for years now, but the burning sensation has come to be with in the last few yeas. I've asked my doctor about it a while back and he advise me to loose weight. So I did I got rid of that doctor and is now looking for a new one!

I  have the burning sensation on my left leg from just below the hip to the knee. It feels like someone is putting a match on it and it heats up. I do have fibromyalgia but have never had this before . It seems to burn when i am on my feet and walking otherwise it just hurts to touch like a bruise


Tim, there are many causes of burning sensation in your thigh. If your symptoms are getting worse, or just not getting better, you really should see your doctor again, or seek a second opinion. Good luck!
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