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Botox Injections for Chronic Neck Pain, Migraines and Fibromyalgia...Can It Work?

Posted Jun 11 2010 9:49am

Photo by EverJean

On Monday, I finally received Botox injections in my neck (my right sterncleidomastoid to be exact) after waiting for five months and experiencing chronic pain and muscle spasms in that area for almost 4 years.

After only 3 days I am starting to feel the effects, and I am cautiously optimistic.

To sum it up:

  • My neck muscles feel looser.  
  • I feel 80% percent less neck pain in an area that has been unaffected by all other methods of pain management.  
  • I now have hope that I'll be able to move my neck normally again.   
  • Maybe, just maybe with the end of the neck muscle spasms, I'll be able to drive again!...and work, and run....and the list goes on!

Before I delve into details about the procedure, a little botox background:

Botox (Botulinum Toxin) injections are placed in a spastic muscle or nerve.  The botox stops the nerve ends from sending a impulse to the muscle .  This prevents a muscle contraction/spasm.  

The goals of doing this are threefold:

  1. The fewer muscle spasms and the less intense they are, the more a person's pain is reduced .
  2. The less pain, the more a person is able to increase her range of motion and build back to a normal, functional life.
  3. If the neck or facial muscles responsible for migraine pain are injected with botox, these muscles will relax and bring pain relief.

Since my neck is the prime source of much of my migraine pain, I hope the frequency and severity of my migraines will drop dramatically.  In the past 3 days at least, I've been migraine-free.

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