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Body of emotion

Posted Oct 23 2008 5:50pm

More information from Dr. Candace Pert

Part 1 here
Peptide receptors, which are in the organs, endocrine muscle, and other body tissues, store emotional information received from the peptides. Therefore, emotional memories can be stored not only in the brain, but also in many places in the body. That would explain, for example, why people have "gut feelings" or why memories and emotions sometimes pop up during massage or acupuncture--because emotional memories "live" in the body's tissues, Pert says.

The discovery of peptides and peptide receptors offered, for the first time, tangible evidence of the actual physical exchange between mind and body and the biochemical basis of emotion--and confirmed what Eastern healers have long known intuitively. Also, while peptides and their receptors are located throughout the body, they're concentrated in the places that correspond to the chakras, the seven areas around the spine where, according to Eastern medicine, energy is gathered and then distributed to organs and tissues. "It blew me away when I realized this," Pert says.

When your body is in balance, peptides and receptors are able to do their jobs correctly, but when the body is thrown out of balance by intense emotions, the system works less effectively. For example, nervousness might cause a peptide miscommunication that would result in too much water being held in the intestines, and thus, diarrhea--a direct physical result of an emotional state.

originally printed in Sept 2005 Natural Health magazine by Alice Lesch Kelly

What does this mean for you? Healing the physical symptoms of fibromyalgia requires a strong immune system and balanced emotions. It's never an either-or situation. The immune system works well when your system of peptides and receptors is in balance, and the peptide system is in balance when you are emotionally strong and healthy. Thus, when you're dealing with difficult emotions, both your peptide and immune systems may be compromised. That's why it's important to stay emotionally healthy--not an easy task when you live in pain in a stressful world. It IS possible though! I will continue to write about the many strategies to reduce both stress and pain. Be well.

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