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Bible Verse of the Day

Posted Jun 16 2009 12:00am
I added something new to the blog. Right under my family's picture, you will see the verse of the day. I got this link from I love their site. I have a really hard time with disciplining myself to spend time in God's word. It is something I am trying to work on. I know I should get up earlier than everyone and I used to do that previous to my chronic pain. Now, I just get excited if I can sleep until they wake up. I can not believe how much sleep helps my pain.

Anyway, Bible Gateway helps me with my time with the Lord. They have a reading of the day so I can go while I am online and get a reading from whichever bible version that I want. Although it isn't always quiet when I am trying to be on the computer, I can read it and talk with God about it as I find little quiet times here and there. After seeing they also offered a verse of the day, I wanted to share it with you. It really gives us something to think about and also gives us the reference in the Bible so if we want to read more, we can.

verse is about God's compassion. I looked up the word compassion and here is what Mr. Webster says:

sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it

I don't know about you but this just struck me or made a light bulb go off in my head. Think about what it says.........desire to alleviate distress.........God wants to alleviate this for us. I never really thought too much about this. I may follow a path that is of my own choosing even if it is wrong but along that path, God still wants to help me. He knows I am going the wrong way but he still wants me to get rid of the distress along the way. But..........are we listening? I just think about all of the times when I was in distress. Was God with me? Yes, but I wasn't listening. He wanted to help but I was not on the path of God. I was on my own path. Are you is distress now? Are you staying in the word of our Father? If we stay in the word and turn over our distress to God then our distress may not seem so bad.

Yes, we are going to have distress but that distress is so much easier with God in our hearts. I know that this first verse of the day was exactly what God wanted me to read. He was reminding me to stay in his word daily. He was reminding me that he is with me during good times and bad. I just have to remember to go to him when I am in distress. Our distress doesn't have to be major, even a daily distress of patience with our children. I know God wants to my distresses with patience but the only way I can know this is if I let him be with me along the way.

You may be thinking....well of course God is with us. She should know that. She is a Christian. I know it but do I remember all the time? Do I go to him all the time? Do I let the daily grind get to me and forget? Such a simple idea but such a hard time really turning over all of our distresses to our Father.

Are you asking for God's compassion all day, every day? Do you know he is there for you all day, every day? I know that I am going to take this to heart and turn my thoughts to him through out my day. Let me know how you handle your daily distresses? Do you stop, talk to God, and then go back to your day?
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