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Another weekend gone and plans for next week

Posted Oct 02 2008 4:19pm
Why is it that once school starts again it seems that the weekends just seem to go by so much faster? and that a lot less gets accomplished? At least it feels that way.

Since I stopped working at the end of March my perception of time has been seriously distorted. Often times I find myself wondering what day of the week it is. I really have no clue what time it is, I stopped wearing my watch as I didn't want to feel like I was always a slave to the clock. I have a general idea of the day and time but somewhere around Wednesday I've forgotten if it's Wednesday, Thursday or Tuesday. My kids being in school helps with the structure of my days as well, I have a better idea of the day of the week and I also have to be aware of the time so that I can pick them up from school.

I think I will continue to have my kids attend after-school care so that I can have some more time for me. Time for me to clean house, make meals, craft, read, exercise, game, and time for me to sleep.

Last Friday I dropped my kids off at school at 8 am and came back home slept for about 2 1/2 hours and then went back to pick them up for a 12:35 dismissal. Yes, I could have gotten lots of stuff done but when I woke up after that nap I felt like I was waking up from a full night of restful sleep. I've really got to figure something out about my current issue with insomnia.

This weekend we did the following:
  • Watched the SF Giants beat the San Diego Padres on Friday night, it was the first game we had been to this season. I knit while we were there, maybe that's why some people looked at me a little goofy. Isn't it normal to knit at a Major League Baseball game?
  • Mr. Bubba went to the orientation for his next phase of higher education - he's going back for an Administrative Credential - preparing to complete requirements so that he can eventually be a principal since having a Master's Degree isn't enough
  • We did a lot of clearing out of stuff from our home office - there's tons to do still
  • Mr. Skinny detail vacuumed the fireplace, it's purely decorative since our landlord prefers we don't use it, it had gotten dusty and he did a great job cleaning it.
  • Laundry got done, the garage got straightened
  • Mr. Bubba and I beat Guitar Hero III together, we like playing cooperatively instead of battling, so what if it was on Easy!

This coming week I want to do the following things (you'll keep me accountable, won't you?)

  • Complete Mr. Snugglebunny's scarf - a few more inches to go
  • Go through a lot of his preschool projects to make room for new Kindergarten work
  • Clear off my desk
  • Hang up my Master's diploma
  • Complete paperwork for first birth for doula certification
  • Purchase materials needed for sewing classes
  • Re-work budget based on Mr. Bubba's new salary
  • Clear off Mr. Skinny's desk for homework to be done on it
  • E-mail our mechanic about repairs needed on CR-V
  • Drop off a donation at Goodwill
  • Check prices of some books from Barnes & Noble (we're members and get a discount)
  • Pick up Mr. Bubba's pants from the dry cleaners
  • Watch some shows recorded on our DVR
  • Update my blog, of course!
I think that's a pretty good list, I'm sure there's more that can and will be done but that's what I can think of right now. Have a good week!
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