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Posted Apr 06 2011 3:15am

Hello fibro friends,

I am new to Wellsphere and I came here to share something that I got really excited about. But I didn't want to start out with this because, well you will understand as you read on.

I have a long history with fibro and just an incredibly insane difficulty in finding the proper medical care. As a result, as maybe many of you too have experienced, my life as I knew it was virtually destroyed. I am building a website where I will be telling my story in more detail, along with the goal of sharing some information about what I am about to share with you now. 

I have found a line of nutritional products that I have tried recently and I got some very interesting results. I just don't want everyone to think that I came here just to pitch a product, but I just can't hold back because if this stuff is really doing for me what I think it is, then these products could also help others who are suffering with this "disease of the devil".

I began using these products to lose weight. I will go into that on the blog I am inviting you to follow.  They have a 9 day jump start weight loss system, and a 30 day weight loss system (whole body nutritional cleansing, replenishing, and fat burning). I was really anxious to get this winter layer of blubber off of me. However, I have a strong background in medical research and I cannot approach anything I am not very familiar with without skepticism. It is ingrained in me.  I also have a degree in veterinary medicine, yes i am a doggy doctor (but disabled)) and I have always had an interest in nutrition, so when I took a close look at these products it seemed to me that they had a lot to offer.  So I decided to go with the 9 day system just to see what would happen.

I will explain more about what I experienced, but am trying to keep this short enough that people will read it. I have been out of the products for about 6 days now, I ordered the 30 day system to continue the program but it won't be here until tomorrow. I have set up a blog where I am going to make daily posts giving detailed information about how I am using the products, what benefits I am getting from them as they come about, my weight loss, etc. For me, this is kind of like doing a "second experiment" to see if the results are replicated. If I do get the same results then I want to get this information to as many fibro sufferers as I can, in the hope that others will get the same results as I get. I was feeling better in ways I have never felt since I became sick. I have already found evidence on the internet that these products have helped other people with similar chronic diseases, and dramatic results with obese people losing up to two and three hundred pounds safely, and keeping it off, with no compromises to their nutritional needs. And I have heard of another person with fibro who got some incredible results as well. I have not seen her testimony but I will post that on the blog when I find it. This is not to pressure anyone into buying anything. It's just to make the information available to those who may not know of these products. I can direct those of you that are interested to more links with more information about the products. Each person has to decide for themselves whether or not these products would be right for them.

So, please try to join me at this site:

If this link doesn't take you there write me at

I hope you all will at least drop by, and I hope you will follow the blog to see what happens! 

Thanks, and you are all in my prayers,

Virginia Woolverton, DVM



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