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A Fibromyalgia Diagnosis and My Gratitude for Mine

Posted Jan 06 2009 10:07am

This isn’t the post I promised to write today. I’ve been working on that one, but this is stuck at the tip of my tongue, so here it is…

A few weeks ago one of Daniel’s coworkers was diagnosed with Lupus. When he told me my heart ached for her. Although I have not had first-hand experience with Lupus, I have seen close family friends struggle with Lupus in their family. While living in Idaho one of our dear family friends lost a sibling to Lupus; seeing her struggle opened my eyes to just how brutal autoimmune diseases can be. (For a while my doctors thought I had Lupus. Luckily that diagnosis was eventually ruled out.)

Today the coworker of Daniel’s told him she was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Again my heart aches for her. Although neither diagnosis is as severe as Lupus, my heart aches a bit more now, than before, because I understand just what this means for her.

  • I hope her doctors did all they could to make sure this is the correct diagnosis. (It seems that many people decide, or are told, they have fibromyalgia simply because no other diagnosis seems to fit. And then, the common fibro treatments do not help them and they continue to struggle. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.)
  • I pray she is able to find a routine that works, a routine that she can stick with as she works toward recovery, a routine that challenges her to push her limits but allows her a chance to rest and recover when she should.
  • I know a positive attitude will be her biggest ally. It is incredible how far a smile, optimism, and patience can get you. My heart is sad to see how many fibrofolks struggle to see the blessings that can come from struggling with chronic illness. (Crazy? No. Stick with me.) I am serious.
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