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7 Things Doctors Can Do to Help Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Patients without Medication

Posted Jun 20 2010 1:45pm

I'm very fortunate to have a talented, knowledgeable and caring team of doctors who treat me with dignity and respect. My doctors are focused on providing me the best medical care possible.  

But before I get to actually see my doctor, there are a few things that would make my office visit more productive and pain free.  

These items not only help fibromyalgia and chronic pain patients, but they also benefit physicians by

- reducing staff workload
- maximizing office efficiency 
- ensuring that their patients are not in so much pain that they cannot express their medical needs   during the appointment

1.  Written instructions and notes.  I really appreciate it when my doctors provide me written notes/instructions at the end of my appointment and additional info regarding any treatment options we've discussed.  I always bring a notebook, but because of fibro fog, I can't process material quickly.  I often miss huge chunks of important info that I really need to know.  The doctors who say, "Don't worry, I'll write this down for you," make me feel more confident and help me take a more active role in my health. 

2.  Mail or e-mail necessary medical forms to patient before office visit.  By the time I reach the doctor's office, especially after an hour car ride, I am in considerable pain and exhausted.  At this point, when just sitting up is a major challenge, filling out paperwork is out of the question --physically and mentally.  My strategy is to have the paperwork mailed/e-mailed to me a few weeks in advance whenever possible, so that I can complete them at home at my own pace.  This ensures that the forms will be filled out fully and correctly.

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