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7 people in double! Denver fire the NBA's most balanced this advantage makes it even g strongmen

Posted Mar 09 2013 1:49am
Nuggets at home to beat the clippers, 107-92 created a home winning streak, give full play to the victory the nuggets team sports talents, fully shows they are now the balance of offense various aspects most team in the league. Offense, the nuggets today scored 107 points, shot 55.8%, shooting 47.8% from beyond the free-throw line by Nike Air Max 2012 83.3%, hitting such three level indicators, basically do not have any holes, perfect. Defense, the nuggets will the clippers is limited to shooting 42.4% from the 3-point shooting percentage of 31.8%. The clippers is shooting 42.6% in the first half, perimeter shooting only 25%. In terms of rebounding, the nuggets also don't fall in the wind, they robbed the 38 rebounds, more than the clippers 36 rebounds. 10 in blocked shots, the Denver nuggets is sent out, the clippers only three. In terms of errors, the nuggets controlled in 11 times, and the clippers. Assists in the data, however, the nuggets win outright, but with 33-21 performance which proves that the nuggets or transfer of the ball in the game more reasonable, not fight alone is emphasized. The nuggets this season can boom under 105.7 PPG, ranks third in the NBA. They shot 47.6%, the highest in the league. 4. Today's game the nuggets sent nine players, including seven players in double figures. But the clippers have Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 ten people to play, only three players scored in double figures. Will tell from the play, the nuggets are good at fast attack, mackey (microblogging), the method of rhett post player will be able to run back and forth on the pitch, such as participate in fast break. But if you want to and the opponent positional warfare, the nuggets also. Their organization core Lawson is one takes note of how two styles play point guard, so in his organization under the nuggets into positions will also be able to find a way to kill after the war. More importantly, the nuggets have sharp weapons from outside like gallinari, so once the Lawson attracted defensive pressure after points, so opponents largely unable to protection of the three-point line. The nuggets also have strong reserve strength, like old miller and mackey has the qualifications of starter players sitting on the bench, so when they use a second team and the opponents, scene doesn't fall in the wind, perhaps even with a small Nike Air Max 2012 Mens climax. Like today with the clippers, in the face of the league's most powerful set of benches, Denver's bench scored 35 points, and the clippers bench par 36 points. Nearly nine home the warriors won eight games, there is only one defeat in February 13, loss to the rockets. This season, the rockets have won two warriors, February 6, their home into a flat league record of 23 three-pointers beaten the golden state warriors 140-140. The rockets beat the warriors, have four last eight meetings won seven times, only lost the game was on February 13, 2012, at 97-106 loss to the warriors. In a western war had just ended, the Denver nuggets at home to beat the clippers, 107-92 harvest 7 in a row, is also the home winning streak. The nuggets this season's performance has been pretty hot at home, after the victory over the clippers today, their home record to 27. And the heat in the eastern part of the best home record in the league. In 30 home games, Denver's remarkable performance, they have beaten many monopoly, including the thunder, lakers, celtics, walkers, warriors, and clippers, spurs, etc. As Nike Air Max 2012 Womens the thunder, the clippers, the warriors are twice defeated. The nuggets lost three games at home opponents were wizards, Miami, Minnesota, lost three games a total of only 13 points. The nuggets versus the clippers this season's regular season series meetings also with the Denver nuggets finally ended 2-1.
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