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Kingston, Canada
Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia:  15 years ago Other Ailments & Diagnoses:  Migraines, TMJ, Neuralgia (more like Bells Palsy), Frozen Shoulder (more like frozen left side of body), Arthritis (of the spine), Irritable Bowl Syndrome, frequent bladder issues, Acid Reflux Disease, Cerebral Atrophy (condition: severe), Acute/Chronic Tendonitis, Bursitis, Bipolar Disorder, and BRAIN SPASMS when someone mentions the word DOCTOR.  I have been "crazy-glued" to this... Full Bio
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May 27 2010 by valspal

Sorry for wait for reply, im new on here and didnt realize anyone had responded. 

Well the last few days i thought he was here for me!

I was diagnosed with myofascial pain for years before it became fibro.  the lines are blurred.

Whats the reason? 


Apr 11 2010 by rlee8235

Too bad you don't live near Las Vegas............sounds like we could have been good friends!!!!!!!!


Apr 07 2010 by rlee8235
I LOVE THE NAME! I feel like Val.......I wish i'd thought of the name first. This does suck doesn't it?
Apr 05 2010 by valspal
Unbelievable description! Thats exactly what it feels like.  I also wish i'd thought of your name first.