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Hi I'm Fi! I mash, mix, wonder, question, & whip my way into creating things. This is my place to rant about FOOD, how I make it, why I eat it and who can help me learn more about it! Achieving wellness through self healing is the best way to have a healthy life. Care to join me on this journey?
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...control is not exactly my forte. I serve something and mentally feel like I should eat it all. Never quite figured out if it was something...


I know, it's been AGES since I posted anything. But, I have been crazy busy with some design projects. I do post every single thing I eat on...


It was 6AM and I had not finished the first draft for a design project... It was 6AM and all I wanted was endless amounts of food in my belly....

The allergy chronicles...

Curry Eggs w/ Cilantro & Beans | Black Bean Soup | Brown Rice Tilapia & Steamed Veggies | Preparing Coconut Curry Potatoes Pineapple Salmon on...

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May 04 2011 by Jeff K.
Good luck not eating fast food. It really can be addicting when you don't feel like cooking. You can do it though! 
May 04 2011 by Steph
Bonjour chere Fi!!! How are ya? Discovering the world of wellsphere... ai laik! ;) 
Apr 30 2011 by Adrienne
I definitely dig the colors lol