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Felice W.

STANFORD, California
I like being healthy. I try to go to gym at least twice a week. Most of time, I do the elliptical and step machine. Exercising really help boost energy and better metabolism. During my spare time, I love to shop. I am a fashion addict. Dressing up nicely really chill me up.
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Jessica L.

San Jose, California
Love to eat, want to learn more healthy recipes that won't gain weight....

Jovan S.

SAN JOSE, California
Hi there! I was introduced to this web from a co-worker (Thanks Sarah) and thought it would be great to get information from locals here at Stanford. I am always up and down with my weight and want to get serious into getting in shape and lean. Can't wait to get started!
Communities: Exercise, Weight loss, ...
Goals: 20lbs., ...