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I'm Fanda, a single woman from Indonesia. To me, health is very important for building a great life. And healthy life can be started from healthy food, healthy mind and healthy exercise!
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Oct 12 2011 by Karen

Hi Fanda,

I am looking for people interested in health to partner up with me to get the message of toxic chemical and how dangerous they are in skin and body products.  Wondering if you would be interested in a home based business opportunity.  Contact me at

Jul 05 2010 by yusuf
hi fanda hope you are okay. i havent been active for quite some time but i have been pretty busy in my third year of pharmacy. ihave passed and i will be starting my last year in september.. how is life with you. tell me have you found a partner and are you making a go of any relationship. if you havent then i would like to get to know you better!!!!. reply soon. i will wait for a favourable answer by the way.!!. regards yusuf.
Feb 19 2010 by sallan MK

hilloo hi Fanda,,

               how r u? How's u r life going on? tell me something about u?

Dec 11 2009 by Mother RImmy
Your chicken recipe sounds wonderful. I'll give it a try. I'm a big yogurt fan. I bought my own yogurt maker so the I can be free of any additives in the yogurt you buy at the store.
Nov 04 2009 by Sutapa.G
Hi Fanda,
Thanks a lot friend for your vote and visit. I also visited your site and love the healthy recipes you share specially those yoguhrt smoothies.
Wish you all the best.
Take care.
God Bless.
Your Always.
Mar 28 2009 by rwboughton
Terima kasih Fanda untuk memberitahu saya bahwa blog kamu.  Ada baik untuk saya membaca blog dalam bahasa Indonesia--latihan yang baik.  Saya akan baca dengan segera dan menulis kepada kamu.  Terima kasih, ya.
Mar 21 2009 by rwboughton
Apa kabar.  Nama saya 'Richard,' not Jim.  Sangat penting bertemu orang Indonesia di sini!  Saya coba belajar bahasa Indonesia saja, tapi belum berbicara dengan baik.  Mungkin anda bisa bantu saya.
Feb 17 2009 by kateyd30
Hi Fanda, thanks for making me one of your friends. Good luck on meeting your goals.
Jan 21 2009 by Kenna M.
Thanks for visiting my site Fanda.  I took a look at your site and I like it. Keep up the great work. To a healthy and fun life!!
Jan 21 2009 by Jill Knapp

thank you!  I am also excited. Running for Mrs. Idaho at age 41 and after losing over 80 pounds has been a great choice for me.  A trainer wanted to sposor me by traing me until the pageant. I am so blessed and sore but it's so worth the pain.

You have a great site.