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I am a mother of four and a life partner living the family life that comes naturally to me.
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Coming Down from Anaphylaxis

My allergy boy recovering in the ER on Sunday after anaphylaxis. This week has been a bit of a haze. We’ve been recovering from my...

Allergy Boy 1, Walnuts 0

Everything is okay. Now that you know that, I’ll tell you that my 8 year old allergy boy had an anaphylactic reaction on Sunday. It was...

Mean Girls, Cougar-Style

Last year, right around this time of year, there were a few parents at my kids’ school — two of whom were particularly determined about...

The 5 Languages of Meh

This was my second of two guest posts at  4 Mothers 1 Blog . When my friend, Carol, first talked to me about guest posting on 4...

What the Heart Feels

When we think about being heart healthy, many of us probably think about our physical heart. Exercising and eating well are simple concepts....
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