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Hello to all members.  I am a recently divorced woman of 54yrs. young. I have two grown Daughters' who do not support me at all concerning my health.  I have nine grands.  I love to write for adults and Children.  I am an Advocate for Domestic Abuse both Women/Men.  Also an advocate for Childhood Trauma and Abuse.  I currently have Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disk Disease, T.M.J., I.B.S., Chronic Pancreatitis, C.O.P.D., and arthritis of both knees.  I am... Full Bio
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I am trying to find Happiness now after divorce and it's hard...

Well, yesterday my oldest daughter called with a confrontation she had with her sister.  I have been so depressed lately I do not know how to find...

Can I still have chronic pancreatits even though my levels come back normal?

I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pancreitis.  After eating a meal of any kind I experience bloating, and pain.  However, sometimes my blood...

Too many diagnoses need to talk

Well, since 20 years ago I was diagnosed having D.I.D. from severe childhood trauma.  Which caused many physical disabilites. My Daughters' do...

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