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worsening vision, eyelash itch & droopy eyelid

Posted by kp251

I have developed a noticebly drooping left eyelid to the effect that people ask me if my eye is ok. Also, the upper eyelash area is soooo itchy it makes me want to rip out my lashes!  And lastly, my eyesite went from correctable to 20/20 with contacts, to not correctable to 20/20 in less than 1 month. I change out my eye makeup about every 6 mo. and rarely ever wear makeup anyway.  NOW this condition has migrated to my right eye and my left eye seems to be back to normal now! (except for the drooping eyelid)  I was tested for pink-eye, but that was ruled out.

My optometrist said the best he could come up with is "corneal distortion" because my eyelids feel like they are scraping the you-know-what  out of my eyeballs when I take my contacts off. He ran every test he could and was stumped and wants to send me to an opthamologist.  I have no health insurance and can't afford to see a specialist.  Does ANYONE have any suggestions as to what this might be and the cause?  THANK YOU for yor help.

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