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Why is bimatoprost so popular than other eyelash growth serums?

Posted Jul 08 2013 12:33pm
eyelash growth serums
By sensing the need for eyelash growth serums and the increasing demand for the same, market is flooded with various brands of these serums. However choosing the one from the crowd is very important as one work for other may not necessarily work for you. Eyelash growth has gained so much of importance nowadays. With the availability of the lash enhancers, no woman wishes to get those fake eyelash extension or mascara. Fake lashes are very tricky to use and one cannot use mascara in hurry as it may spread out on your face. Thus using these serums is convenient. They work faster on the eyelash fall out issue experienced by some women. 
As of now, several brands of eyelash growth enhancers are accessible in the market. These all are placed at different costs. Thus you can choose the one that suits your needs and pocket too. However you need to check with your doctor too before using any such product. These may promise you to get thicker lashes but in actuality you may suffer from side issues such as increased fallout of lashes and other signs of infection due to allergic reaction develop with the chemical content of the eyelash growth serum. 
Why  bimatoprost  eyelash growth solution is so popular? It is because of the quality and consistency in delivering excellent results maintained by this medicine. Initially it was used in the treatment of glaucoma but it showed growth in lash hairs as one of its side issues and since then it was also used as eyelash growth enhancer. Though it is very famous and used, appreciated by many; you need to get in touch with your health care provider before using this solution. Apply this ophthalmic solution at the base of the lashes and do not use it if you develop any allergic sings with it. However it is uncommon event but you need to be very careful.
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