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What is Phacoemulsification?

Posted Feb 12 2013 9:30am

Eye surgeons in Los Angeles deal with different cases of eye problems, including cataract. Surgery is done to remove the cloudy lens and to implant an artificial one. In a few cases, the cataract is removed without replacing the lens. A cataract surgeon in Los Angeles usually does the procedure in less than an hour. When is surgery necessary? Many people with cataract may not need surgery, especially if their cataracts don’t interfere with their lives. However, it is still important to see an eye doctor regarding the disorder. The doctor will assess the extent of the condition and may suggest appropriate options. The bad thing about cataract is that unlike refractive disorders (myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism), one cannot wear glasses or contact lenses to correct the problem. Furthermore, it cannot be treated through corneal refractive procedures like Lasik in Los Angeles. Want to know the Los Angeles Cataract Surgery Costs? Visit Cataracts may worsen with time and interfere with a person’s daily life. When the problem seriously impairs an individual’s life, it should be addressed surgically. How is cataract removed? Phacoemulsification This procedure makes use of ultrasound to disintegrate the lens. The surgeon inserts a needle-like probe, which emits high-energy waves. The vibrations cause the lens to break apart, and emulsified lens is suctioned out. However, not the whole lens is removed. The surgeon will keep the back portion of the lens, which is used to install the new lens in place. This procedure does not necessarily need stitches afterwards. Extracapsular Cataract Extraction The surgeon in this case will make a larger incision, usually along the side of the cornea. The lens is carefully removed while keeping its back portion intact to serve as a place for the artificial lens to rest on. Surgeons close the incision with stitches. Placement of IOL Both procedures make use of an intraocular lens or IOL made of clear silicone or plastic. Once placed safely inside the eye, the new lens needs no care. People who have lens implants don’t feel a thing or don’t feel anything strange inside their eyes. Intraocular lenses are engineered for correct refraction of light. Doctors should evaluate the patient’s vision before inserting the lens implant. The correct lens implant does not only clear up vision but also corrects the previous refractive error. Does eyesight return to normal right away? Patients have to wait for a few days before vision improves. It’s usual to suffer from blurriness during the recovery period. Doctors should monitor the healing process. So, the patient should return to their cataract surgeon the following week to check the eye condition. What are things to expect after the surgery? Many cataract surgery patients complain of eye itching within a few days after the procedure. This itchiness is normal and should be expected, but do not rub the affected eye. In addition, the doctor may advise the patient to wear an eye patch. Those experiencing eye pain, severe itchiness, inflammation, and swelling must go to their surgeon right away. For more detailed information visit

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