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Vision Loss in Adolescents and Ageing Adults - A Cause of Concern!

Posted Mar 26 2013 11:56am
The sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating routines have given rise to a lot of sight related problems occurring at an early age in life. Although some eye ailments may be subject to pedigree but quite a growing number have also been reported to have been caused due to lack of proper diet which should provide nutrition to the eyes. Food supplement rich in vitamin A should be consumed to attain healthy eyes or else its deficiencies might be responsible for a lot of eye problems.
Eye problems in general were a case with older people and considerable visual injury was considered a severe menace and as many as one in 3 men and women who had attained the age of 65 were prone to witnessing age related vision problems till the greater part of the centennial but the turn of the new millennia has been witness to an accelerated increase in eye trouble among the youth.
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  A recent study has found out that in the current health scenario the risks of the same age group of people developing the risk of prostate cancer is about 1 in 6 for men and 1 out of 9 amongst women. This has given a lead in the growing numbers in eye surgery in Beverly Hills. Moreover multiple studies have also been suggesting the greater risk of age related vision impairment arising from the negligence of proper eye care treatment, lack of regular eye screening and examination of the eye. Since most of the eye ailments are asymptomatic in nature they usually do not show signs of degeneration in their earlier phases. They may develop slowly with a gradual progression. It is best to undergo an eye examination once in 6 months or a year to avert eye problems which might be responsible for complete loss of vision.
As such it is vital to get your eyes examined from a trained and certified ophthalmologist and in case of any eye problems the Beverly Hills eye surgeon is always available to assist you in getting a perfect vision with his latest and up to date modern techniques.
One such specialized technique is Lasik Surgery in Los Angeles which has enabled many people young and old alike in procuring a 20/20 vision and also many other eye problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism!
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