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Toric Design Offers Hope for Astigmatism and Presbyopia Patients

Posted Dec 23 2012 10:02am

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When you suffer from astigmatism, presbyopia, or another condition that makes wearing contact lenses painful, then you may filter through any news announcements concerning them. With that in mind, this article addresses the revolution that is toric lenses: special, altered lenses that are comfortable for those with special conditions.


How Does Toric Design Work?


A toric lens is no different in composition from a normal contact lens. The key difference between them and regular lenses is in the actual design. The toric lens is a slice off a geometric structure made by rotating a circle around an axis. This results in a slightly different form of the lens, allowing it to sit on your eyes without causing unusual discomfort.


Types and Materials of Toric Lenses


A toric lens can come in the same varieties as the normal varieties. The material used to create the lens depends on the type of lens in question. Disposable lenses are convenient and typically made from a soft material or a material called RGB that transmits more oxygen to the eye than more traditional style lenses. These typically are intended for a range of one day to two weeks of usage, and almost three quarters of contact wearers choose lenses with a month or less of usage due to being made from the softer, more comfortable gel material.


You can also choose from extended wear and regular daily wear lenses that are not disposed of after use. These more permanent lenses can also be made in a way that gives them multifocal capability. Lenses that last longer are made from the mentioned RGB. They are superior in almost every way to the soft lenses, excepting the level of comfort reported by users. A toric RGB lens will still be much more comfortable than a normal lens.




Currently, toric contact lenses are a specialty product, causing them to be priced just a bit above similar products with a regular contact design. For example, if a two week supply of disposable contact lenses would cost around $25, an equal supply of toric lenses will cost around $35 to $40. As complexity, styling, and permanence increase, you can expect the price of the toric lenses to increase as it would for normal lenses.


Styling Options


Due to being made of the same material as regular contact lenses, all the typical customization options are available. You can opt for colors in the lenses that will either amplify your natural color, or you can go for alternative options that employ more unique and outlandish designs.


Eye-Witness a Revolution


If you suffer from an astigmatism or presbyopia, trying on a toric pair of lenses may be the first time you have worn anything but glasses in a long time. It is understandable to have some reservations due to the discomfort the conditions can cause when trying on contacts. Trust in the skilled and talented optometrists and designers who have done all they can to make contacts available to everyone who might need them, and give the new toric lenses a try.


Chelsea Hasbrouck is an independent eye health researcher. She enjoys keeping up with the latest technology and findings for eye care. Her articles mainly appear on health and lifestyle blogs. Visit the to learn how to order contact lenses online.

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