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This might shock you;

Posted Mar 02 2012 7:33am
but my guide dog is not my best friend.

I'm just back from a nice walk in town with O.J. Sometimes the simplest walks on our own are the most enjoyable. While I was standing in the chemist waiting to get served a man asked me how I was, and how was my dog. He then asked me the most annoying question in historyIs he your best friend?
When I politely (but sarcastically if you knew me well enough) told him that O J was just one of my friends, he asked me if I had two dogs.
Some people just don't get it, do they?

Dogs are great. I love them and couldn't live without one. I couldn't manage without a guide dog and O.J is great company. But believe it or not, I have human friends who are much better company and more fun to talk to than he is, therefore not making him my best friend. He is a companion but not a friend.
Appologies to people who call their dog their best friend. I'm not saying your wrong. Some people might not honestly have real proper human friends, and their dog is the best and most loyal they've got. Nothing wrong with that, if that's the way you think, but for me, my dog is a dog, not my best friend, so random members of the public, please don't keep assuming he is.

And as for asking does he take good care of me, don't even go there!!) :)
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