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please help im 42 but sometimes feel 82 !!!

Posted by Carole S. Facebook

i have  suffered with anziety bad memory and  deppresion and rhumatoid arthritis  on and off for approx twenty years  but in the last three years i  have developed posterior uvitis  chronic fatige  and in last few weeks my balance as i am walking  i seem to stumble to the left ,  i have allso noticed a numb feeling over part of my body on left side  and a weird tingleing feeling  i am  allso haveing  a nagging ache pain in my lower spine it makes it difficult to sleep ,  i have allso woken in the night screaming with  chronic  spasm  pain in my left calf,  i sometimes get  a feeling in my throat  that likes it is swelling or something as it is hard to even swallow saliva  as it chokes me,  my thinking process  is terrible as is concentration  memory  and i get this brain fog  i can never plan anything as i never no from one day to the next how i will be !  please somebody help  
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